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Saturday, September 15th, 2012


A story by photographer Brent Stirton and me on the global ivory trade, BLOOD IVORY:  Ivory Worship, is up on National

Check out the new website.  I will continue to post here on issues related to The Lizard King book, but the new site is where I’ll call home, including my new Bryan Christy blog.

Bryan Christy “the Dumbest Guy in the Room.”

Monday, December 20th, 2010

Here’s an interview of me out today on by Dan Slater: 

Lots of lawyers leave law for writing. But in the annals of journalism trajectories, Bryan Christy’s career is unique

Dan is himself a fallen lawyer and really had some surprising under-the-skin questions.  Check out LongForum.

Huffington Post: Wildlife Smuggling by Bryan Christy

Monday, January 4th, 2010

For most crimes, journalists are part of an eco-system involving the public, law enforcement, and the courts.  That system isn’t functioning well when it comes to wildlife crimes.  Journalists have a great opportunity to help bring the eco-system back to health, but first they have to adjust their focus.  To explain what I mean, I wrote this essay for the Huffington Post…


Wildlife Smuggling:  Why Does Wildlife Crime Reporting Suck? by Bryan Christy

Did you read the story about the illegal trade in gorilla testicles? Have you seen the one about parrots poached in Brazil using glue? How about the news bulletin last week about the guy at LAX with Australian lizards strapped to his chest?

Generally there are two kinds of wildlife crime stories in the media: the weird news item showing a smuggler in flagrante (a stunned German tourist with a marmoset hidden in his beard) and the “in-depth” overseas report. I want to focus on the latter because too often these overseas reports kill endangered species.   Continue…