TWELVE: A Hatchling Tale

I haven’t written anything about my publisher, TWELVE, but since they asked me to write up something quick on my recent SE Asia trip for their new blog (read it here), I thought I’d share with you what everyone in the publishing world already knows:  TWELVE is a blockbuster.  It is a subsidiary of the mega-publisher Hachette Book Group, a kind of microbrewery putting out just twelve books per year.  Their single batch philosophy is that book publishing ought not to be a crapshoot, that books ought to matter as well as entertain, and that putting energy behind just twelve books they believe in is just plain worth it. 

When I asked my agent, Jennifer Joel at ICM, who our top choice for publisher of The Lizard King ought to be she said we would go out to all the usual suspects, but that the hottest thing in non-fiction was a new company called Twelve.  I’d never heard of it.  Jenn told me about Jon Karp, his past success at Random House, and his philosophy for his new venture.  she also cautioned that given my own newness and our unusual subject odds were long.  Still, the more I read about Jon, Cary Goldstein and co. the more I hoped The Lizard King would find its home at Twelve.  I am honored to be listed among these Twelve authors.  It is a hatchling tale indeed.

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