U.S. Global Exotics Raided

A major exotic wildlife import-export business, U.S. Global Exotics of Arlington, Texas (President: New Zealander Jasen Shaw, co-owner Vanessa Shaw), was raided today.  Preliminary reports indicate more than 20,000 animals, including wallabies, sloths, boa constrictors, hamsters and on were found in horrible conditions.  If true, it is another regrettable example of an international wildlife company no one in the industry spoke out about. 

Jan 7 updatehttp://www.star-telegram.com/242/story/1877602.html

Jan 5 Update:  PETA posts video here.

12/31/2009. Some updates on this tragic circumstance incl., from the Ft Worth Star-Telegram.  This case is a poster child for the need for legally mandated predictable, funded wildlife rescue facilities.  Funding for such an effort might follow the Polluter Pays Principle in which importers and consumers fund costs of these kinds of unacceptable care conditions.  I am certain the veterinarians and others at work to care for the still viable animals are under great stress having to triage shamefully exploited life.  Where were the regular and USDA vets charged with overseeing this company?




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5 Responses to “U.S. Global Exotics Raided”

  1. Carl J. Franklin Says:

    Lots of people spoke out about the company.
    That’s what brought about the entire event.
    Amatuer enthusiast as well as professionals knew how the trade involving high volumes of animals is run and they spoke out.

    This will have a ripple effect in the herp community and it’s about time. Herpetoculturist should be fully informed about trade practices that have been bringing them a majority of their animals. This is the third such event to take place in Arlington, Texas in the past 10 years. I hope it’s the last.


    Carl J. Franklin

  2. Jessica C Bakkenes Says:

    From what I have understood, saying hunderds of animals have been tortured to death by starvation and ‘sardine like conditions’ would be an understatement. How can anyone not know that a living being requires food and water to survive to start with. This Jasen Shaw was responsible for more than 20,000 exotic animals (these are ones that survived, just) what was so hard about giving these voiceless victims some friggin food? And lets go a step forward by giving them a reasonable bit of space to die in, instead of be smothered and eaten by their mates…..
    I really don’t understand how someone who gets into a business which would seem like a dream, isn’t even capable of following through with it like a real man would. I’m sorry but I bet I’m not the only person who would love to see this Jasen Shaw for an explanation. Gosh Jasen what could it possibly be? Can he get off this by claiming insanity? I hope not so he gets a blimmin tough sentence. Those murdered exotic animals sure did.

  3. Barbara Harris Says:

    Let’s hope he gets more than just a slap on the wrist in the end. The authorities who mete out punishment for animal abuse need to start taking this sort of thing seriously. Too often these sort of vile people are able to go right back into business again and again.

  4. Katie Ernst Says:

    How the heck are 2 humane agencies supposed to accommodate 20,000 exotic animals at their shelters?

    What makes me so angry is that these rescue and humane agencies will need to spend hundreds of thousands of dollars to accommodate all these seized animals, and this dealer will get a minimal fine and a slap on the wrist and be back at the next day making millions of dollars a year.

    I never understand why judges do not order these dealers to pay for all these animals care and related costs for the rest of their lives, instead of just “banning them from dealing animals for a year.” Big whoop.

  5. not important Says:

    just so everyone knows the animals were given to pet co rember they weren tsoposed to be back in the pet trade
    the city of arlington who i just got off the phone does not no what happened to the animals
    rember the spca is a kill shlter we have the right to knbow where the animals are