Bush Administration Smuggles in Extinction Rule

Yesterday, Interior Secretary Dirk Kempthorne backed by U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service Director Dale Hall proposed a new rule to gut the Endangered Species Act, ceding authority to decide whether dams, highways and other public projects may harm endangered species, and giving it instead to each agency that wants to build a dam, road, etc.  Anyone who’s paid attention to the gutless management overseeing our country’s wildlife in recent years–in which our Special Agents are down to around three per U.S. state, Special Operations is moribund, and Service Law Enforcement Chief Benito Perez testifies to Congress that FWS not only doesn’t need more funding, but received too much in past years–is likely to say, I saw it coming. 

It is embarrassing (or should be) that men sworn to protect the environment so covet their pensions they’ll stand aside and let the smugglers into the forest.  Because that’s the thing–paving over an endangered species is no different from smuggling one across national borders.  In fact, it’s worse.  Whole ecosystems can be fractured by a single road, destroyed by an unnecessary dam.   THE LIZARD KING is a celebration of the heroes who fight the crime in front of them.  It is a window on smugglers many of whom rationalize strapping a few snakes to one’s leg as nothing compared to bad environmental polices,  unregulated development, and habitat destruction.  Here’s a rule that does it all in one sitting.  And it never even went to Congress.  Inferior has done it all on its own.  For more, read, e.g., the Washington Post.

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