Chinese Tiger Farms: “It’s not rocket science”

Tiger Farms in China Feed Thirst for Parts
Published: February 13, 2010,
The biggest threat to Asia’s largest predator is the Chinese appetite for tiger parts, conservationists say…Story in the New York Times

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One Response to “Chinese Tiger Farms: “It’s not rocket science””

  1. Azrina Abdullah Says:

    Since knocking the traders out is not ‘rocket science’, why is the problem continuing? Governments have conducted meetings after meetings to declare their commitment to eliminate the tiger trade over the past decade. Yet, the wild tiger numbers have not increased. How many more ‘critical tiger population’ reports do we need for leaders to translate ‘political will’ to concrete action? Corruption is a major issue and probably the most difficult to solve. How do we even address that if the government themselves are not acknowledging it? Will the CITES CoP15 dare to push the envelope to discuss corruption? The answer is probably no. Until then, we wait for yet another summit in September for more declarations and action plans from world leaders to save the tigers. More talking in five star hotels equals a bleak future for the tiger.