Tiger Poaching in Malaysia

Here is extraordinary footage of tiger poachers in Malaysia:

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2 Responses to “Tiger Poaching in Malaysia”

  1. Azrina Abdullah Says:

    This video raises the obvious question: will the Ministry and PERHILITAN take action? There will be 2 ways the Ministry will respond to this: Response 1: “One video should not give the impression that Malaysia is an illegal trade hub. However, we, the Ministry, will ensure that these poachers are prosecuted to the full extent”. Then nothing happens. Response 2: Dead silence and hope the video will go away. I hope I am wrong.

    After making so many promises to ‘look into the problem’ over the past year or so, this is one opportunity presented on a silver platter, with a bow attached, for the Ministry to show they are serious about keeping those promises and are committed to the National Tiger Action Plan.

    For the tiger, this is one video too many.

  2. Suzanne Chong Says:

    Can’t help but wonder if the reason for the poachers’ arrogance is the sense of security that comes from being untouchable… that they feel ‘protected’.

    I guess it isn’t just senior corrupt wildlife officials who are ‘protected’, but these local poachers too.

    Only the wildlife remains unprotected.