Indo-Malaysia-Thailand-Madagascar: The Devil’s Quadrilateral

More evidence Madagascar is being plundered by illegal traffickers from SE Asia:

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One Response to “Indo-Malaysia-Thailand-Madagascar: The Devil’s Quadrilateral”

  1. Azrina Abdullah Says:

    More evidence that so called ‘strong’ laws do not make strong enforcement. Indonesia and Thailand’s wildlife laws are classified as CITES Category 1 laws, which means that it has all the necessary provisions to regulate international trade, including enforcement powers. Malaysia is probably on its way to getting that classification later in the year once the government gazettes the new Wildlife Protection Act. However, wildlife departments often use the excuse that they do not have ‘adequate resources’ to implement the law. That is the whole point of ASEAN-WEN – to get all the agencies including Customs, Police, etc. to combine their resources and work together. However, the respective wildlife departments’ jealousy to guard their ‘territory’ has always failed to get the major illegal traders when Customs and Police have more far reaching powers. Many seizures conducted by a non-wildlife agency, in most cases, are always handed over to the wildlife department, and that would be the end of the investigation (if it even began) and the non-wildlife agency is not informed of the outcome of the seizure. As many know now, paltry fines will be handed out and that would be the end of it. Hence, the thriving of the illegal trade of species from Madagascar is hardly a surprise, but a symbol of how corruption is triumphing sincere conservation efforts.