Wildlife Department Says Never Had a Chance Before

Speaking on behalf of Malaysia’s Wildlife Department (Perhilitan) Deputy Director General Misliah Mohd Basir tells the Malay Mail (read the interview here): 

“We are not protecting Wong. We could not detain him before as there was no evidence. However, that changed last Thursday….Perhilitan only approved a ‘special licence’ to Wong to take care of his own pets.”

Of course, the only thing that really changed on Thursday was that Anson’s luggage broke. 

The Malaysian Wildlife Department’s inability to obtain evidence despite Anson’s many years of confessed smuggling, and this latest activity, suggest Perhilitan is incapable of making an effective investigation of wildlife trafficking in Malaysia.  The species at issue in this case are not from Malaysia, they are mostly South American, just as many of the species Anson trafficked in the past were from New Zealand, Australia, Madagascar, Africa, China, South America, and on…   Anson is not Malaysia’s only illegal wildlife trafficker, either.

The failure by Perhilitan to make cases is what makes Malaysia an illegal trafficking hub for global wildlife smugglers, placing species across the planet at risk, including recently rhino horn and elephant ivory trafficked through Malaysia.

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