Doctors in the House

Out of the blue I got a note a few weeks ago from Nikki Patel who said she was a student at UPenn Vet School, had heard about The Lizard King on a Vietnam list-serv, and wondered if I’d like to talk to a few students.  Sounded great but given the timing I wondered if I’d be talking to a half-empty classroom of pre-midterm zombies.  I shouldn’t have worried.  Nikki and co. filled a lecture hall, had lunch catered for everyone in attendance, and coordinated with my publisher and with the great Philly bookstore Joseph Fox Bookshop to have a post-talk signing.  The students and faculty were fantastic.  After my talk I had a chance to go to lunch with a group of students.  The enthusiasm to do well by wildlife, not just as doctors, but as a matter of policy, was inspiring.  Thanks to Nikki, Mar, Colin and others, and thanks to Eco-Vet, Special Species, and IVSA at Penn for supporting the program!

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One Response to “Doctors in the House”

  1. Colin Says:

    Mr. Christy-

    I just finished your book (admittedly I should have been studying) and I thought it was fantastic. It’s rare that I sit and read a book so intently. Thank you for writing this book and telling a story that many people would know nothing about otherwise, and thanks again for coming to speak this week. I hope the publicity for this book continues to grow and that it makes everyone take a look at how connected we are and what one person does can impact the world so much.