NST: Malaysians Press for Action on Wildlife Enforcement

Two letters in the New Straits Times today condemn the Ministry’s response to Ms. Abdullah’s letter calling for investigation into the scenario raised by The Lizard King.  (see prior posts for more discussion).

Letter One:

Perhilitan’s responsibility: Disheartening
By TAN YOK KOON, Puchong, Selangor
New Straits Times


I REFER to Dr Amerjit Singh’s letter “Perhilitan’s role: Enforcement going on” (NST, Oct 19). Yes, we know the Wildlife Department is making an effort to improve Malaysia’s laws in protecting wildlife in Malaysia, but the letter did not answer the fundamental question posed by Azrina Abdullah in her letter “Wildlife trade: Take a close look, Perhilitan”, (NST, Oct 1), which is to investigate the alleged involvement of Perhilitan officers, if any, in assisting a Malaysian reptile dealer to export illegally-obtained wildlife.

I find it disheartening to see how lightly the Natural Resources and Environment Ministry and Perhilitan seem to take this matter.

Letter Two:

Perhilitan’s responsibility: Don’t skirt the central issue
By E.L., Petaling jaya

NST, 2008/10/24

THE letter from Dr Amerjit Singh of the Natural Resources and Environment Ministry, speaking on behalf of the ministry’s secretary-general (“Perhilitan’s role: Enforcement going on” — NST, Oct 19), came in response to a letter from Azrina Abdullah of Traffic Southeast Asia (“Take a close look, Perhilitan” — NST, Oct 1) on the illegal trade in Malaysian wildlife. However, Amerjit did not address an extremely pertinent issue brought up by Azrina: Is Perhilitan going to investigate the involvement, if any, of their officers who may have facilitated Anson Wong’s efforts to export illegally-obtained wildlife?

We talk about the need for transparency and the need to weed out corruption. We’ve talked the talk long enough. Now it’s time to walk the talk.

Perhilitan should show that it is serious about fulfilling its responsibility in protecting Malaysia’s wildlife.

In this respect, the department’s response, as contained in Amerjit’s letter, is neither adequate nor satisfactory.


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