Herpy Holidays!

It’s been a great year! The Lizard King hatched out in August and has grown like a reticulated python. You guys have made it a great success among true crime readers, reptile lovers, wildlife officers, and the broader conservation community. It has been chosen as a teaching tool for law enforcement in SE Asia, is being picked up by college professors for courses on environmental crime, has led to great discussions in the exotics veterinary community, and-if feedback I’m getting is representative-has deepened compassion for reptiles and wildlife agents among fans and phobics, alike. 

Through this website (just 3 mos. old) I’ve had a chance to interact with people in every state in the U.S. and in 66 countries!  I especially want to thank the teenagers who’ve written.  It means a great deal.  It has been my great honor to bring the story of Special Agent Chip Bepler and Mike Van Nostrand to light. Thank you all for becoming a part of it!    

Best wishes for the holidays to you and yours, 


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