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Malaysian Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment Responds to The Lizard King

Monday, October 20th, 2008

Interesting news from Malaysia.  Last month the New Straits Times ran a terrific 3-part feature on The Lizard King, which included a rather severe accusation by officials inside the Wildlife Department that my book was “fiction” (along with some other not nice words).  In response to the Wildlife Department’s comment, I wrote a letter to the paper and so did Ms. Azrina Abdullah, Director of TRAFFIC Southeast Asia.  Both were published.  Ms. Abdullah called on the Wildlife Department (known as Perhilitan) to investigate the scenario described in The Lizard King.  

Yesterday, Dr. Amerjit Singh, writing for the Secretary-General of the Ministry overseeing the Wildlife Department, responded to the paper with a letter, which I’ll leave to you (and time) to judge: 

Perhilitan’s role: Enforcement going on
New Straits Times, October 19, 2008
 By : DR AMERJIT SINGH for secretary-general, Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment

THE Department of Wildlife and National Parks (Perhilitan) appreciates the issues highlighted in the letter “Take a close look, Perhilitan” (NST, Oct 1) by Azrina Abdullah on the wildlife trade monitoring network, Traffic Southeast Asia. (more…)