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Reaction to Wong Release

Thursday, February 23rd, 2012


I confess, my initial reaction to Anson Wong’s release yesterday was that of a lawyer:  the court’s decision to reduce Wong’s sentence was probably reasonable given the facts as presented.

Here is excellent and insightful commentary from Malaysia on the implications of Anson Wong’s release from Dr. Bill Schaedla of TRAFFIC SE Asia who correctly points out that there is more to the story than simply what reached the appellate court… 

The investigation and prosecution of this case also lends further support for Malaysia’s efforts to create a Green Court.

Reaction from

Anson jailed, My Thoughts

Tuesday, September 7th, 2010

My editorial on Anson Wong is now up on National and on Huffington Post.   Meantime, here is a headline you gotta love, from Malaysia’s newspaper, The Star:


Here is a good summary from TRAFFIC


Malaysian Tiger Zoo Exposed

Thursday, March 4th, 2010

This tiger zoo “could be one of the worst examples of a successful commercial enterprise riding on the back of exploiting, breeding and trading in endangered animals,” according to a story in today’s The Star by reporters Hilary Chiew and Joshua Foong.

The zoo, which is not identified in the story, is Saleng Zoo of Johor, Malaysia, owned by the company T.C. Arapaima & Tropical Fish founded by Chai Sip Yee.  Malaysia’s Wildlife Department, Perhilitan, has raided Johor Zoo in the past.   As reported here, the zoo has been subject to 7 wildlife investigations, including a shocking one in which 19 tiger cubs were found in a freezer.  In another, the zoo was implicated in the A’Famosa Resort’s orangutan smuggling case

Like so much, this story also has a link to Anson Wong.  In August 2004 Perhilitan authorized TC Arapaima to trade 2 tiger cubs for 2 of Anson’s Aldabra tortoises.  In the following news story’s chart on tiger possession, Anson’s operation appears as Desa Flora Dan Fauna

(In a related story, NGOs in Malaysia again call for stricter controls of “Special Permits.”)

And so it goes… 

Popular zoo has tame front but may hide ‘wild’ activities

The Star, March 3, 2010

IT brands itself as a zoo and brags about the conservation works it does. It also proudly talks of its educational role in highlighting the plight of endangered species.  But behind its animal-loving front, this popular private establishment in the southern part of Peninsula Malaysia could be one of the worst examples of a successful commercial enterprise riding on the back of exploiting, breeding and trading in endangered animals.

This zoo, like several others, has earned a name for itself by announcing the birth of new tiger cubs to coincide with major events like the Lunar New Year, or even to commemorate the death of celebrities like Michael Jackson.

To many, it’s the perfect zoo…   Read the rest..