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‘Lush’ Chameleons Creamed

Thursday, May 10th, 2012

Here is something out of the ordinary–a cosmetics campaign for BETTER reptile care, and shut down!  Usually the fashion industry is in the business of killing reptiles for handbags.   BUT, in this case a fashion house went out in favor of better reptile care and the UK’s Advertising Standards Authority shut the Lush Cosmetics advert campaign down for pointing out that trade drives some species to extinction. 

This is certainly true for some chameleon species (the Roti Island Snake Necked Turtle might also agree, for example).  Wild-caught chameleons fare horribly in the pet trade, often dying within a year, often dying in-transit.  Here’s an online source the ASA might have started with September 2001 CHAMELEON information Network Journal No. 41,   p. 11 by Ardi Abate, or even this: