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Malaysia’s Wildlife Department to Undergo Major Overhaul

Wednesday, October 13th, 2010

Wildlife law enforcement in Malaysia is to be significantly revamped as a result of a major restructuring of duties and assignments in the country’s wildlife department, Perhilitan.  This is a major reform, and if followed through on, marks a year in which Malaysians have taken control of their national wildlife policies. 

‘Spies’ to help curb illegal wildlife trade

By P. ARUNA, The Star

13 October 2010
PUTRAJAYA: The Law and Enforcement Division of the Department of Wildlife and National Parks or PERHILITAN will establish an Intelligence Unit under its massive revamp which begins this month.

The Natural Resources and Environment Ministry (NRE) ann-ounced yesterday that the new unit would be formed to improve networking and intelligence gathering to curb illegal wildlife trade and crimes related to wildlife.

“In order to ensure that all loopholes are addressed effectively, all the Standard Operating Procedures related to law and enforcement activities under the department would be enhanced and strengthened,” said the ministry in a statement yesterday.

The revamping exercise will also see a swap of duties and scope of work between the two deputy director generals. (more…)

Malaysia Acts Against Wongs

Saturday, October 2nd, 2010

Malaysia’s Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment has announced that Anson Wong and his wife Cheah Bing Shee have been stripped of their business licences and their special permits, and will have their animals seized and sent to the Malacca Zoo. Read about it in The Star and the New Straits Times.

Size Doesn’t Matter

Wednesday, September 22nd, 2010

Too much time is being spent debating Anson Wong’s prison sentence, and whether it is long enough.  Doubling or quadrupling his jail term will not make a difference.  What people should be focusing on are two things:

1.  Anson Wong’s laptop and cellphones 

2.  Perhilitan’s Revamp

The Ministry took possession of Wong’s laptop and cellphones upon his arrest.  Anyone interested in making a difference regarding Anson Wong and his international criminal network should focus on the contents of those, and how the government handles them.  Minister Uggah announced a revamp of Perhilitan.  That, too, is far more important than whether Anson Wong gets 6 months or 18. 

A good editorial running today in The Star.   The writer brings up a number of good points and recommendations regarding wildlife protection and reform in Malaysia.