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The Boy Who Cried TIGER

Monday, November 22nd, 2010

Here’s a great piece by my friend Steve Galster in the New York Times on the reality behind tiger conservation and the much-hyped International Tiger Forum taking place now in St. Petersburg.  The World Bank is backing tiger conservation, which has sent NGOs into a feeding frenzy for tiger money, resulting in one meeting after another, trips and conferences around the world, and…more dead tigers. 

Tiger poaching syndicates exist.  NGOs like the Environmental Investigation Agency have exposed them.  But for some reason most of the big NGOs shy away from attacking syndicates and instead purr along with tiger posters and tiger buttons and more news that they need money to stop tiger declines.  What they need to do is cooperate in targeted, kingpin-oriented law enforcement.   

November 21, 2010
Tigers Need Conservation, Not Conversation By Steven Galster

BANGKOK — Over the past decade, poachers have halved Asia’s population of tigers and are zeroing in now on the remaining, scattered 3,200. And what is the global conservation community doing to help? Doing what it does best: calling a meeting. (more…)

Thai Success a Failure?

Monday, October 11th, 2010

Thailand’s Wildlife Crime Task Force arrested a Malagasy national attempting to smuggle 218 critically endangered Radiated and Ploughshare tortoises from Madagascar into Bangkok last night.  This arrest comes just 12 days after the arrest of a Pakistani man smuggling an astonishing 1,140 endangered star tortoises into Thailand in his luggage, and is the sixth arrest of a wildlife smuggler in seven weeks, according to the Thailand-based NGO Freeland.  This work may appear commendable, but there is a big problem.

Catching couriers may get press releases but it does not stop wildlife trafficking.  What stops trafficking is (more…)