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Nature Conservancy: Holiday Gift List

Tuesday, December 16th, 2008

I received today this lovely review from The Nature Conservancy’s Idaho office, which named The Lizard King a conservation book to give┬áthis holiday (and I don’t toss the word ‘lovely’ around lightly):

The comparison has probably already been made, but Bryan Christy’s The Lizard King features a cast of characters, a plot and a setting that seem pulled from a Carl Hiaasen novel. This, though, is a true story. Christy delves into the little-known world of reptile smugglers, a world of organized crime, shady characters and obsessed reptile afficionados who pay exorbitant sums to own rare and endangered species. This is a page-turner, and the scope and extent of endangered species poaching is shocking. Christy, a reptile enthusiast, treats all the people involved (including the smugglers) with fairness and respect, which makes this a richer, more complex story. –Matt Miller