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Some Great Words From Miami!

Thursday, August 7th, 2008



High-stakes . . . creepily compelling . . . a book so complicitly illicit that it could only take place right here in our own backyard . . . It’s not a nice story, but it is nicely told, and pretty amazing to see it’s the really scaly creatures featured in its midst are people who look probably a whole lot like us.”  Read the Full Review…

John Hood, Miami Sun Post, 8/7/08

A point I really like in this review is the notion that the main characters in THE LIZARD KING are people who look “probably a whole lot like us.”   There is an underbelly to every world around us–to law, banking, automobiles, booze, housing, war.  The products traded in those worlds might not squirm or wriggle but the people behind them often do.  They look alot like us.  Indeed.