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Reaction to Wong Release

Thursday, February 23rd, 2012


I confess, my initial reaction to Anson Wong’s release yesterday was that of a lawyer:  the court’s decision to reduce Wong’s sentence was probably reasonable given the facts as presented.

Here is excellent and insightful commentary from Malaysia on the implications of Anson Wong’s release from Dr. Bill Schaedla of TRAFFIC SE Asia who correctly points out that there is more to the story than simply what reached the appellate court… 

The investigation and prosecution of this case also lends further support for Malaysia’s efforts to create a Green Court.

Reaction from

Anson Wong Gets 5 Years!

Thursday, November 4th, 2010

Anson Wong has been given an unprecedented five years in prison for smuggling boa constrictors on a Malaysian airline. Originally, Wong had been sentenced to six months. The appeals court judge apparently considered Wong’s crime a safety issue rather than an animal issue in delivering the harsh sentence, making this a rare case in which prejudice against reptiles goes in favor of the animals.   Wong is not Malaysia’s only major wildlife trafficker…

Anson on morning of original hearing

Anson (in jacket) on morning of original hearing

From The Star:

  Anson Wong slapped with five-year jail term

SHAH ALAM: Convicted wildlife smuggler Anson Wong has been slapped with a five-year jail term, after a High Court here allowed an appeal filed by the Attorney-General’s Chambers for a heavier sentence against him.

The court also ordered for a fine of RM190,000, imposed on Wong in a previous judgement by a Sessions Court judge, to be returned to him. (more…)