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Out of the Egg!

Friday, August 1st, 2008

Well, LIZARD is officially out!  My first book, on stands.  I drove to a local bookstore to see it there, told myself not to move a few copies to the Bestseller table at the entrance to the store, and won’t bother you with what I decided to do.  It was a busy day. In the morning I bought some superworms for my bearded dragons and stopped at the bookstore, then I smoked a cheap cigar and drank two jars of coffee, talked to Newsweek, and went back to work.  Presto Squaro.

I’ve got a piece coming out in the NY Post on Sunday

I’ll be on NPR’s THINK with Krys Boyd, KERA 90.1 Dallas Texas, Tuesday 8/5 at 1 p.m. local Dallas time.  The blurb calls me a “reptile fanatic” which in Texas is a bit like your little brother telling a bar full of roughnecks you like to fight.  They love their snakes in Texas and they know them, too.  I’ll be trying to stick to the people side of the business, but I did done a bit o’ cut shinin’ for alterna out Loma Alta way not long ago (when it was legal).   And, yes, I fell for a few of them plastic snakes other hunters left along the rocks.  (That wasn’t my Texas accent btw, it was my snakehunter accent.)  

I caught a beautiful Trans-pecos copperhead A.C. pictigaster one night.  We took it back to the Egg or to the Day’s Inn or wherever we were sleeping between runs and kept it in a giant Utz cheeseball jar before releasing it the next day in the same spot.  If you want to see what a reptile fanatic looks like, here’s one from Louisiana.  The copperhead doesn’t look better through plastic, but Armin does.

Armin Meier Snake Lover

Armin Meier Snake Lover After a Little Bayou-style Plastic Surgery