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Florida Exotic Pet Trade Under Fire

Saturday, November 27th, 2010

 A piece in the Sun Sentinel on the South Florida exotic pet biz this weekend (includes reference to Strictly Reptiles:  “From 2004 until April of this year, Strictly Reptiles imported 558,060 reptiles, 172,892 spiders and 161,597 amphibians, according to federal records.”)

Included with the story is this fascinating database which enables you to see who is shipping what from where to whom…  (My check of the DB suggests it’s far from comprehensive but it is still fascinating.)  And this map of major sources of supply(more…)

South Florida Sun-Sentinel: “Christy tells the story masterfully, with a novelist’s control and sense of scene.”

Sunday, September 21st, 2008

David Fleshler (if there’s a better name for a reviewer of this book I don’t know it) gives an exciting review of TLK today, including another favorable comparison to the writing of Elmore Leonard.  I heard Leonard speak once and was taken with his rifle barrel approach to story.  Simple and straight, a bullet in one end and out the other.  It’s the same way my Dad used to tell stories, and my Irish grandfather.  Fleshler writes with a similar no bullshit street-edge that makes the review fun to read.  I like the phrase ‘bureaucratic heroism’…  (more…)