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“No More ‘Lizard King’ Cases, says Minister”

Monday, June 20th, 2011

That is the headline of this recent article in the Malay Mail.  The Minister is  the head of Malaysia’s Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment and The Lizard King he refers to is Anson Wong. 

The steps taken in the wake of The Lizard King case–legislative reform, administrative reform, the punishment of Anson Wong–are exactly what was needed to begin to clean up Malaysia as a trafficking hub.

What is still missing, however, is action.  Especially by Malaysia’s law enforcement body, Perhilitan.  What the Minister wants the public to believe is that Perhilitan will prevent more Anson Wongs from rising to power.  Alas, a number of major operators are trafficking endangered wildlife in and through Malaysia right now.   Where are those Lizard King Cases, Minister?

Minister Douglas Uggah Embas should have said, We will have many more Lizard King cases–all it takes–until Malaysia has purged itself of illegal wildlife traffickers.

Jaycees’ Porn Pollutes Sweetwater

Monday, March 14th, 2011

When is a snake not just a snake?  When you’ve got the tiara-clad girls of Sweetwater, Texas climaxing them for 30,000 Jaycees…    

One of America’s last great organized despicable spectacles…  From CNN:

 The rattlesnakes are dumped into a large pen with hundreds of other snakes. They are weighed and measured and their venom is milked into glass beakers where it will be used for research and to make anti-venom.
It goes down hill from here. Next comes the chopping block where their heads are cut off. They are then skinned and gutted. The meat is fried up and the skins are used for boots and wallets.
For $10, visitors can take a turn at snake skinning. To record their feat they rub their hands in snake blood and leave handprints on the wall.
It’s a little gory, but no one seems bothered, including Miss Snake Charmer 2011 Laney Wallace, who showed up to take her turn in the skinning pit…

“Tomorrow I get to skin snakes and chop their heads off, and I am super-excited about it,” said Laney Wallace, Miss Snake Charmer 2011…

200 Years, 200 Species

Monday, December 27th, 2010

Here is a phenomenal video which may explain the future of megafauna wildlife species as well as it does human health and wealth:

Imagine if this chart could be retooled to measure changes in wildlife. With, say, wildlife species and human income as the two axes. Imagine the size of the bubbles reflects country wildlife populations and that you could break out major species, such as the tiger or the gorilla, from each country the way Rosling breaks Guangzhou out of China. Break the Buffalo or the Grizzly out of the US or Canada, for example, and you see what happens to megafauna as human wealth accelerates (or stagnates). Looking at the chart this way gives insight into the future…