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My Thrillable Hours Interview

Sunday, March 13th, 2011

Jodi Ettenberg runs a great site called, chronicling her inspiring and nomadic life outside law. She just posted an interview of me on Thrillable Hours, her new series highlighting lawyers (and former lawyers) doing unconventional things. Here’s the interview.

Passion in 2011

Saturday, January 1st, 2011

Everybody who knows me knows I love art, history and culture.  That’s why I can’t wait for this year’s World Taxidermy Championships in St. Charles, Missouri.  I got to know St. Charles back when I was an accountant working for Arthur Andersen & Co.  AA had its own training college in St. Charles and so I remember trying to stay awake during the day, loosening my tie around 6, and jumping in the bed of a pickup truck to head into town for beer. 

The fact that a then Big 8 accounting firm allowed an old man to take it’s employees to town in the back of a pickup truck to avoid the liability of a booze bus says alot about the difference between the spirit and the letter of the law, and the downfall of AA.  But that’s a different story. 

The real reason to care about St. Charles today is the World Tax. Championships.  I went two years ago and will go again this year.  The mounts are amazing.  Here’s a shot I took of one of my favs:

I’ve got a bunch of cool projects in the works relating to passions around the world we never knew.  Reptiles were my passion when I was a boy and I got to write a book about them.  Now I’m going to spend some time telling the stories of what others are passionate about.  2011 promises to be a very fun year!

Bull Flog

Tuesday, February 9th, 2010

This morning I was talking to my friend Dr. Jeff Boundy and shared a worry that most of my blog posts seem to be pretty negative.  “Or self promoting,” he replied. 

“Right.  Or self promoting.”

“You know,” he said, “”Here I am on the cover of another newspaper in Malaysia.””

“Yeah,” I said.  “I understood you.”

So, I looked through my photos to come up with something that didn’t get me started talking about how Malaysia is a global wildlife trafficking hub or how the tiger is about to go extinct or the fact that 16 y.o. Lagavulin really is worth the extra 15 bucks and I couldn’t come up with anything.  Instead, I offer a few of the comments that don’t make it to the comments section of my posts:

From B. Franklin:

“I in purport enjoyed reading your blog and emphasize adjacent to it both illuminating and interesting. I fancy be ineluctable to bookmark it and obtain in it as instances as I can.”

Here’s another one:

“Well, it looks as though you’ve got the authentic essence of the situation for the moment. While numerous seem to have dropped the important point of everything, when you posited previous is prima facie plus concise. I am not alleging that I concur along every one of the details; nevertheless, I admit that you did minded me reason to pause and think of numerous of the premises that I conceived that I defended as unyielding beliefs in that affects. Powerfully told, and it is now time for someone like myself to think a little more connected to some of many of the main concepts. All together I have to think you have did a job well done..”

Yes, they are both computer-generated spam, but the authors really seem to understand my work, Dr. Boundy.