Stephen Colbert is Afraid of Black Snakes, too!

Stephen Colbert, beacon of white, yesterday you used tarantulas to demonstrate how uncomfortable it is to talk about race in America. Stephen, if you remember, on December 14 I challenged you to open 2009 the same way God started the world, with a serpent. But here you are almost three months later covering yourself in spiders (no doubt imported from Mexico under NAFTA) when all around you are good old American metaphors for the taking up of.   Why don’t you use some of those good old American (South Carolinian) okeetee corn snakes to talk about something people really feel uncomfortable about, like sex.  Sex sells alot better than race and what man isn’t empowered by a python around his neck. Stephen, step up and let America hear your black snake moan…

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3 Responses to “Stephen Colbert is Afraid of Black Snakes, too!”

  1. Reptile Says:

    Snakes would kill him. How about scorpions? They’re poisonous, but not enough to kill an adult.

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  3. Bryan Christy Says:

    Reptile- snake people go nuts when you confuse the words poisonous and venomous. Here’s a little rule: things you eat are ‘poisonous,’ things that eat you are ‘venomous.’ As for scorpions, uhm, they’re arachnids, too…. And if you don’t think a scorp can kill ya, look into death stalkers…which leads me to another quick rule: the smaller the scorp, the worse the sting.