Operation Shellshock and The Lizard King

I am honored to learn this weekend that the Operation Shellshock investigating team and prosecutors all read The Lizard King in the run up to last week’s bust.  I am sure Special Agent Bepler would be pleased his story was with his former colleagues.  My thanks to DEC Lt. Dick Thomas, Capt. Michael Van Durme, Inv. Dan Sullivan,  Capt. Joe Schneider, Tom Hudak,  Al Breisch, and others.  I am also pleased to finally know the name of the New York DEC investigator with Chip Bepler that day he and Sam LiBrandi took down the barn owl poacher.  It was Major Scott Florence, whose work with Bepler resulted in one of my favorite lines in the book (p. 80):  “You did what?” the prosecutor asked.  “You arrested a guy for selling you an owl?!”

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