First Birthday for The Lizard King! Paperback Released!

This Saturday, August 1, The Lizard King turns one!   The book will celebrate with the release of its paperback edition (officially Aug. 5) and I will drink a case or so of whatever is handy and keep writing.

It has been an incredible year.  I have shared the story of Agent Bepler and Mike Van Nostrand and global wildlife trafficking in four countries, for the US Fish & Wildlife Service, the Malaysian Academy of Sciences,  the Law Faculty of the National University of Singapore, the Siam Society, for veterinarians, conservationists, true crime readers and reptile lovers, and most recently as a Centennial Speaker for the US Justice Department.  I’ve done radio, tv, newspaper and magazine interviews around the world, and through this website I’ve had contact with people in 78 countries.  The Lizard King has been adopted as a training tool for  law enforcement in SE Asia and I’m told it was a source of inspiration to New York state agents and prosecutors in Operation Shellshock earlier this year.  Director David Frankel and Fox 2000 Pictures have optioned the book for a film!

For me, the book is not only a window on wildlife trafficking.  It is the story of fathers and sons and the paths we take in life as shaped by that relationship.  My father was afraid of snakes.  He would not have cared much about how well the book was doing, either.  He just didn’t place alot of emphasis on what other people thought.  He would have cared alot about whether I enjoyed researching and writing it.  He would have loved my answer.  I wrote the book in a style I thought he would have enjoyed.  He liked crime stories.  And he liked people.  This book is one of his gifts to me.


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