Chicks and Pythons

Chicks and pythons.  Say those two words together to a snake person and their first thought will be diarrhea.  Most pythons don’t do well on a baby chick diet.  It gives them the runs.  When I was a boy we had a chicken hatchery nearby and baby chicks were fifteen cents each while mice were a buck fifty.  Needless to say some of my pythons had the trots.  But that’s another story.  This story properly told would continue with something about chicks and pythons that has something to do with women and snakes.  In this case it goes like this:  

I dug around a little on that so-kelly alligator bag advert from the NYT Magazine on Sunday and stumbled on The Purse Blog, which describes the reptilian grip as the “the quintissential combination of skin and tone from the House of Hermes.”   So here’s the thing, if you scroll down The Purse Blog to read what afficionados write about that so-kelly alligator bag and then jump over to, say, this description of a pastel mystic python clutch or this one of shopping for just the right accessory, and the thread of fans who follow-up, there is surprisingly little difference.  Except, of course, one is dead.  I wonder what my fellow Philadelphian Grace Kelly would think of that today.

Anyway, I’m looking forward to The September Issue.  I hear, like most fashion shoots, it’s a herp thriller.

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