Salazar Seeks Slither Stop

In a proposal yesterday, Interior Secretary Ken Salazar followed efforts led by Florida legislators Congressman Kendrick Meek and Senator Bill Nelson to ban import and trade of “giant snakes”–big pythons, boa constrictors, and anacondas.  (I know, trade is allowed within states but that’s insignificant.) 

There’s alot of resentment out there among reptile keepers and dealers over the proposed ban but that resentment ought to be directed at those who sold (sell) tens of thousands of Burmese, reticulated pythons, etc. to high school children for decades.  Next up will likely be “giant” monitor lizards, then venomous shows, then blood pythons until the reptile world is reduced to watching talking frogs on big screen tv’s.  The “industry” is on a path to becoming ourobouros, the snake swallowing its own tail, if it does not figure out how to regulate itself responsibly.

On the other hand, here’s some of the ill-informed drama the media brings to this issue:  “NEW YORK AP – Federal officials want to keep nine kinds of constrictor snakes out of the United States, saying they belong to invasive species that pose the single biggest threat to the nation’s environment.” Invasives are the single biggest threat to the nation’s environment? Pythons cause $120 million/yr. in damage? Not bloody likely.

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One Response to “Salazar Seeks Slither Stop”

  1. Katrina Says:

    Adding the boa constrictor and large pythons to the injurious species list doesn’t just ban the “trade” of these animlas – it makes it impossible to take them across state lines, even if the keeper is moving to another state or the vet is in another state. Or, God forbid, the owner dies and a good home is waiting in another state.