Malaysia’s Zoos Selling Protected Wildlife

Here is a good piece by Al Jazeera’s Laura Kyle, taking up the issue of Special Permits in Malaysia, which give private zoos the right to possess critically endangered species, and in the wrong hands, sell them…:

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2 Responses to “Malaysia’s Zoos Selling Protected Wildlife”

  1. Maren Says:

    That’s criminal!! What I’m not sure about is if this is a legal crime or not. Does the special permit give zoos 1. the right to hold animals in these conditions 2. to sell them?

    What one of the owners said about conservation is b…..t What is the point in breeding an endangered species if they are just going to be kept in totally inadequate conditions or sold to circuses and never released into the wild where they should be?

    What does it take to get these animals the protection they deserve and need? More people like Bryan Christy I think to let the world know what’s going on

  2. Azrina Abdullah Says:

    This video and an earlier report in the Star are indeed disturbing. My main contention is why the zoo is touting itself as promoting conservation, and calling itself a zoo. The purpose of a zoo, when displaying captive wildlife, should primarily be for the conservation of the species, education and research. Entertainment of visitors should always be secondary.

    Cross breeding tigers and renting them out to corporate companies on a
    regular basis do not contribute to the conservation of tigers in Malaysia. The reason given by the zoo keeper in the earlier Star report, that rental and photography of tigers are essential to generate funds to cover expenses for 6 months is laughable. How is making a tiger ride a bicycle a conservation effort? If it is a genuine zoo, it is able to raise funds through scientific grants, work on getting donations from the public, government or corporate sector, and conduct a membership drive, without the need for the circus acts. These funds are then used to conduct programmes with the promotion of scientific research, education and conservation in mind.

    Since the zoo is insistent on calling itself that – a ‘zoo’ – and promoting conservation, it has to show that its activities are having a positive impact on saving wildlife from extinction (increasing the number of tigers in captivity does not count!), and that scientific research is being conducted to save and further understand these animals. Until then, it is purely a business entity generating money through the exploitation of wildlife. Change it to Saleng Inc.

    What is more shameful is the fact that PERHILITAN has charged this entity 7 times for breaking the law, and it is still issuing special permits to it.