New Wildlife Law for Malaysia!

Malaysia’s Parliament passed yesterday a comprehensive new wildlife act, the first major overhaul of its wildlife legislation since 1972!  Everyone involved–legislators, Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment officials, Perhilitan supporters, NGO advocates, the Malaysian press, and the Malaysian public should be commended for taking this important step toward wildlife protection. 

The next, and more important step, is to enforce the new law.  (The last one was not well-enforced.)

This means funding for enforcement, and it means Ministry, Perhilitan and Customs officials investigating wildlife traffickers using controlled deliveries instead of simple seizures, moving against criminal kingpins instead of their couriers. 

Finally, it will mean prosecutors and judges taking the new law seriously. 

Perhilitan raided an operation recently with good success.

The new law comes none too soon, as this story today also demonstrates:

from  The Star

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2 Responses to “New Wildlife Law for Malaysia!”

  1. Azrina Abdullah Says:

    Apart from the NGOs, members of the public and government agency, everyone needs to be reminded of your role in the approval of the new act. Your book and national geographic article made a lot of difference in raising the awareness among Malaysians on the illegal wildlife trade. Your article was mentioned two days in a row by a Member of Parliament during the Parliamentary debate. This showed your work has made a positive contribution to the conservation of wildlife in Malaysia. Thank you.

  2. Bryan Christy Says:

    Thank you, Azrina. Coming from you this is a great compliment! Your leadership on wildlife and human issues for Malaysia and around the world, including your honest letters to the media and your newspaper column, are inspiring, and surely a major contributor to this positive news.