Malaysian Couriers Jailed, Boss Remains Free

The two women recently stopped by Malaysian Customs while smuggling hundreds of endangered animals from Madagascar have been prosecuted and sentenced to a year each under a new Malaysian wildlife law, according to TRAFFIC:

Update: on 20 July, the two women passengers involved were each sentenced to a year in jail under Section 10 (a) of the International Trade in Endangered Species Act 2008.

They were the first to be prosecuted under the Act that came into force on 28 June and provides for a maximum fine of RM100,000 per animal or plant but not exceeding an aggregate of RM1 million (USD316,000), or to imprisonment for a maximum term of seven years, or both, for importing or exporting any scheduled species without a permit.

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One Response to “Malaysian Couriers Jailed, Boss Remains Free”

  1. Azrina Abdullah Says:

    Such speedy justice! Arrested on the 14th, and jailed within a week! But as you said, its business as usual for the boss. He may have lost some money from the seizure but mules are dispensable. Let’s hope that grateful letters to the editors are not sent to thank PERHILITAN for this conviction. Not yet anyway. I know some may (and will) object and say that writing thank you letters to PERHILITAN is a way to encourage them to continue their good work. Well, if that was true, Malaysia’s reputation as an illegal hub should have been improved over the years but it hasn’t. Soft approach does not work in Malaysia. Only and until the department get serious about catching the big guys, then jails will be filled with mules while wildlife smuggling continues to be a profitable business to be in. No apologies for sounding jaded and cynical.