Anti-Corruption Commission Raids Wildlife Department

Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC) officers raided the Wildlife Department (Perhilitan) Tuesday morning and seized a computer and files from the office of Perhilitan’s Deputy Director General Misliah Mohd. Basir

Misliah Mohd. Basir

Misliah Mohd. Basir

Read the story in The Star and in the NST.

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3 Responses to “Anti-Corruption Commission Raids Wildlife Department”

  1. Azrina Abdullah Says:

    Its really funny that the MACC officer calls it ‘a visit, and not a raid’ whilst the PERHILITAN senior officer calls it ‘investigation’. The latter’s comment seem to indicate that this s definitely more than a ‘visit’ considering that quite a fair number of documents were confiscated (according to the report).

    If any evidence of wrongdoings are found in the documents, files and computers, will the Minister do the right thing and sack the officers involved? The Malaysian government has a tendency to ‘transfer’ officers that have been found to be either incompetent or corrupt (or both) to positions of what they call ‘cold storage’ – a position where the officer cannot do further damage and that’s where they stay until retirement but still receive a full pension. If the government is serious about combating corruption, it should also revoke the officers’ pensions and other post-retirement benefits. After all, why should these ‘cold storage’ officers continue to be paid by our tax money for not carrying out their jobs honestly and with integrity in the first place?

  2. Azrina Abdullah Says:

    Just heard the news that Misliah Basir has been transferred from PERHILITAN to a ‘cold storage’ position at the Ministry, effective 1 October. Its quite unusual for a high level Department official to be transferred to the Ministry. Now the Minister has to explain why the transfer was made when he had previously stated that there was no wrongdoing. The MACC raided her office on Monday – why did this still happen even after the Minister had said there was no wrongdoing? I hope the Minister will not use the transfer as an excuse to end any investigations on her (as the Malaysian government tends to do). The public deserves an answer .

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