Call for New Leadership at Perhilitan

A letter today in Malaysian press from Sean Whyte,, head of Nature Alert,calls for new leadership in Malaysia’s Wildlife Department. Recall that Minister Douglas Uggah Embas vowed to reform Perhilitan last year, including rotation of top personnel. If history is a guide, these promises were designed to stop the public from complaining, but will not be put into full effect.

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3 Responses to “Call for New Leadership at Perhilitan”

  1. Suzanne Chong Says:

    Seen this?

  2. Bryan Christy Says:

    That’s right! What happened to the big revamp?

  3. Azrina Abdullah Says:

    I think what everyone wants to ask here is why the Deputy Director-General 1 (DDG1)is still there. Since the press release is a confirmation that she will never be transferred, and will have no jurisdiction over matters pertaining to law and enforcement (and I am basing this comment purely on the press release alone and not numerous rumours floating around), I would like to ask NRE: Why would a senior government officer be stripped of a major responsibility that was under her purview? Does this mean DDG1 was found guilty of abusing her position?
    If there wasn’t a problem and the DDG1 has an impeccable record on law and enforcement, why take that responsibilty from the post unless there were doubts about the ‘transparency,efficiency, etc’ that NRE referred to in the press release?