Anson Wong on National


I have a post up on regarding Anson Wong’s release.    And here is an interview in the Malay Mail.

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One Response to “Anson Wong on National”

  1. Azrina abdullah Says:

    Comment a bit belated but somehow even though it’s only been a week, everyone has forgotten about Anson’s release. The public has gone quiet and the government agencies (wildlife department and its ministry) has kept tight-lipped. What a stark contrast to when Anson was first found guilty and the uproar that transpired, including the Ministry demanding a higher penalty than the 6 months imprisonment he initially received. What changed? I guess nothing. Its business as usual for the agencies. As much as we like to the public to have the same reaction to Anson’s release, people get worn down down by the same nonsense that comes out of the authority’s mouth. The public’s concern over the past two years demanding change in how the department and ministry should get off its respective asses and take wildlife crime seriously has been great. It has brought many good changes but these changes have been more reactive. The public can keep pushing but if those in power are not sincere in trying to address illegal wildlife trade, then nothing will change in the long run. We have fantastic Wildlife laws in place now, but where does that leave the future of wildlife in Malaysia when the implementation is near zero? The department will churn the usual stats to say how many cases they have in a year. All this does is that it will prove that the department is good (debatable choice of word) at seizing wildlife and nothing else. What else is new???