Catching Up-ish

Daytona Beach, Florida.  Since reptile nuts and Playboy go together like mom and the milkman I figured I could sell a few extra books at the National Reptile Breeders’ Expo by setting out a few of Playboy’s September issue, with some opened to Seth Fiegerman’s review of THE LIZARD KING, and others just cover-out to attract those otherwise not interested in anything that didn’t eat rats.  It worked great for about five minutes.  As soon as I set out the first Playboy a small line formed in front of our table, trying to figure out the link between my book and the magazine.  “She’s in it,” I told a few guys, pointing to Roxie Johnson from Waldenbooks/Borders.  Roxie denied it, but more than a few guys didn’t believe her. 

Anyway, I had my little mouse trap all baited when the first of many girl scout troops entered the building.  I’d forgotten that it was free admission to any scouts wearing their uniforms.  I put the bait away. 

I’ve been posting most long reviews, but we’ve also had some good mentions in other press around the world.  The Charlotte Observer, International Herald Tribune, Toronto Star, Seattle Post-Intelligencer. 

A nice pop-up in the Miami Herald today.

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