Miami Book Fair Spectacular

My god.  What a month for hope.  Latest for me was the Miami Book Fair International where an entire village came alive with written words dancing and singing and shaking hands in downtown Miami.  What a vibrant testament to imagination, the organizers’, the participants’, the visitors’. 

I had the honor of reading with Brad Matsen author of Titanic’s Last Secrets.  It is the story of why the Titanic went down so quickly, what happens when businessmen compromise principles, and the tragedy that can result from a cascade of moral if not legal wrongs.  It is the story of our economy in a bathtub, and it reminded me very much of what I saw as a Washington, DC lawyer:  good people making compromises on small parts of important issues, with the result that bad policies were implemented, and worse. 

Continued thanks go to Mitchell Kaplan, owner of Books and Books and the fair’s pioneer.  Likewise, to Cristina Nosti who saved me more than once from death as a socially awkward sixth grader at his first writers’ dance.

Rest assured the weekend was not without its odd reptilian magic:  Those who attended my Books and Books reading in Miami will remember Alan Rigerman, who stood up and had a number of things to say in defense of Mario Tabraue, Ray Van Nostrand, and others.  I wondered if Alan would be at my reading but it turns out he was in the newspaper.  According to that morning’s Miami Herald, while Alan was attending Repticon, the Florida reptile show,  a 16-year-old girl was mauled at his home by one of Alan’s two pet cougars, a male named Chaos.  She will live.  Alan also keeps alligators.

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