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“Well Done to the Minister”

Friday, January 29th, 2010

Letter to the Editor appearing in today’s The Star, Malaysia.  Those of you who follow this blog, or the story of efforts to improve law enforcement in Malaysia, know that Azrina Abdullah, former director of TRAFFIC Southeast Asia, has been an outspoken champion.  Here’s my coverage of her work (Full disclosure:  She also gave The Lizard King a positive review).  Her courage to stand up and speak out on behalf of the country she is proud of and its wildlife has inspired positive change in her home, Malaysia, in the U.S., and no doubt in a few other places, too.

The question remains whether Minister Uggah will make this a meaningful reform or a paper one.  Is this the beginning of improvement or the end?  The forthcoming investigative audit will tell.

The Star
January 29, 2010
Check on wildlife permits hailed

I REFER to the article by Hilary Chiew “Minister to chair special wildlife permit panel” (The Star, Jan 24).

Well done to the minister for taking the initiative and positive step towards improving Peninsular Malaysia’s special permit system.

The proposed change is certainly welcome, especially in light of the numerous reports and letters from the public expressing dismay and concern over the mismanagement of wildlife trade over the past year. (more…)

Perhilitan Director-General Stripped, Investigation Announced (again)

Sunday, January 24th, 2010

The following story was reported today by Malaysia’s Hilary Chiew in The Star…. 

(To be seen is whether this is a meaningful reform or simply a shuffling of chairs .  One sign will no doubt be the result of the corruption investigation report referred to in the story.  Will it be an “Old Story” or a new one?)

 Jan 24, 2010, The Star

Minister to chair special wildlife permit panel


PETALING JAYA: The issuing of special permits for totally protected species will now be decided at the ministry level following complaints of mismanagement and corruption at the Department of Wildlife and National Parks (Perhilitan).

Natural Resources and Environ­ment Minister Datuk Seri Douglas Uggah Embas, who said this, added that he had taken over the special permit committee chairmanship from the Perhilitan director-general.

“Previously, special permits were vetted by Perhilitan and referred to the minister for the signature. From now, I will chair the committee with guidance from top officials in the ministry and the legal officer.

“We realised that we need another body to cross-check what’s happening on the ground. This is a new approach … We will include the views of non-governmental organisations to improve the system,” he told The Star. (more…)

The Star Malaysia Covers The Kingpin

Thursday, December 17th, 2009

This story appeared in The Star two days after The Kingpin went up on

The Star
December 17, 2009

Article in National Geographic an exposé on Wong’s escapades

PETALING JAYA: An online “exposé” by the National Geo­graphic magazine on Asia’s wildlife trade prominently features Anson Wong, the former Malay­sian wildlife trafficker.

The 15-page feature by Bryan Christy talks about Wong’s escapades in the illegal wildlife trade, his 1998 arrest in Mexico by United States undercover agents, and his future alleged trade plans as he lives his life in Penang.

Christy, who is the author of The Lizard King, in which Wong was a key character, also wrote in detail about a trip to Wong’s office in Penang back in 2007.

It was then, Christy claimed, that he learned of Wong’s plans to set up a zoo known as Anson Wong Flora and Fauna Village where he would display reptiles and focus on tigers. (more…)