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Malay Mail: “Enlightening Words” TLK 2009 SE Asia Tour

Tuesday, February 3rd, 2009

Here is a terribly generous summary of my trip to Southeast Asia apearing in today’s Malay Mail. What is not said is the terribly difficult work Azrina and others in the region do on behalf of wildlife. (Read her related article today, “Please Don’t Eat These Animals,” linked to Chinese New Year.) This trip was very rewarding. Not only did I have a chance to speak to a variety of people, but also I was able to go behind the scenes at the Singapore Zoo’s reptile house, to visit a wildlife rescue center on the Thai-Burma border, to speak with smugglers and see their wares. Well, here is today’s article:

Enlightening words on illegal trade

February 3, 2009 Category: News

Judging by the response to author Bryan Christy’s book tour to the region, the story of The Lizard King speaks volumes in terms of wildlife conservation, especially the need for more action to be taken to curb the illegal trade in endangered species.

Christy was in Kuala Lumpur, Bangkok and Singapore for two weeks prior to the Chinese New Year to promote and discuss his book on wildlife smuggling – a “true story of a crafty reptile smuggler and a US Federal agent” who tries to nab him. While the use of the book to raise awareness among Malaysians may not have been intentional, the reception to his appearances in the region and subsequent discussions about the state of illegal wildlife trade, told another story. (more…)