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LIZARD KING Sparks Call for Law Enforcement Inquiry in Malaysia

Wednesday, October 1st, 2008

A letter running today in Malaysia’s NST written by the Regional Director of TRAFFIC Southeast Asia uses THE LIZARD KING to call for more investigation by the country’s wildlife department, Perhilitan.   As you know, LIZARD KING is the true story of Special Agent Chip Bepler’s heroic effort to take down an international reptile smuggling syndicate.  The work of Ms. Abdullah, TRAFFIC, and others to stop illegal trade is the ongoing, living version of that heroic tale…

“Wildlife trade: Take a close look, Perhilitan”

By : Azrina Abdullah, Regional director, TRAFFIC Southeast Asia
New Straits Times, October 1

“I REFER to your report “Malaysian who loved his wildlife” by Elizabeth John (NST, Sept 21) and the letter from Bryan Christy of Philadelphia (“Facts tell the tale of book’s intentions” — NST, Sept 26) on the reaction of the Department of Wildlife and National Parks (Perhilitan) to his book, The Lizard King.  Traffic, a non-governmental organisation that monitors the wildlife trade, is heartened by NST’s feature on the issue of illegal wildlife trade, a crime which many do not consider serious.

Christy’s book provides an introduction to the murky world of illegal reptile-dealing. Perhaps the most shocking part of this account to local readers is the revelation that one of the world’s largest illegal dealers is a Malaysian operating from Penang. He had boasted to the United States Fish and Wildlife Service’s undercover agent that he could obtain the horn of the Sumatran rhino, a protected species under Malaysian law. (more…)