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Reptiles Magazine Interviews Bryan Christy: A Hot Show

Monday, December 8th, 2008

This weekend I went to the reptile show in Hamburg, PA.  It was a “hot show”–Jameson’s mambas, red spitting cobras, eastern and western diamondback rattlesnakes, eyelash vipers, gabs, rhinos, all the wonderful venomous business you expect to be on sale in Pennsylvania Dutch Country. 

While I was signing some books at the Maryland Reptile Farm table a man looked at the cover of The Lizard King and asked me rather aggressively what side I took in the book.  It was a surprising question for an author of a crime story, but it’s completely natural to people in the reptile business.  They are so used to being slandered in the press they have little hope that light of any kind will shine well on them.  No publicity is good publicity, seems to be the mantra–which is why I’m so pleased Russ Case of Reptiles Magazine interviewed me the way he did, probing areas my fellow herpers might like to know about.   Then without telling me in advance, Reptiles’ Steph Starr interviewed the book’s main character, Mike Van Nostrand.  It was a good set up.  The articles appear in Reptiles’ February 2009 issue, but you can read the smackdown here.