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Special Agent Ken McCloud: Reptile World’s Top Cop Profiled

Tuesday, November 4th, 2008

As a special agent for the U.S. Fish and Widlife Service, Ken McCloud was for decades a one-man crime squad when it came to reptile smuggling.  Ken went deep, long, and knows reptiles and the men who smuggle them as well as any man alive.  He was a great help to me in writing The Lizard King, was a friend to SA Chip Bepler, and those who would consider his retirement an opportunity to begin plundering endangered species should watch out:  in his new position with the Peninsula Humane Society, McCloud is very much in the crime-fighting business, and business is good. 

From Palo Alto Daily News:

New Peninsula animal cruelty investigator was undercover agent

By Jessica Bernstein-Wax, News Staff Writer, Article Launched: 11/01/2008 12:05:20 AM PDT

Ken McCloud’s wife, Rose, used to bang on their mailbox every day before collecting the family’s letters.

“She was afraid someone had put a rattlesnake in there trying to get me,” McCloud said.