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Monday, February 2nd, 2009

Cupping Tarantulas- Worst Job in the Reptile Business?

This is one of my favorite videos. The cobalt blue is no bird-eater, but it’s still an aggressive spider.  Here Brian teaches me his special technique in Strictly Reptiles’ arachnid room.  I’m setting up a Youtube site. Stay tuned! Bryan

Mommy, Where do Green Iguanas Come From?

Tuesday, October 7th, 2008

Strictly Reptiles in the News:  Here is a very interesting article in the Miami Herald today profiling iguana hunters Kevin Chandler and Ray Van Nostrand, Jr. of Strictly Reptiles.  The story includes pics. 

Here is a related story in the same paper on efforts to curb feral iguana populations in Florida by listing them along with large pythons, anacondas and Nile monitor lizards as Reptiles of Concern, requiring purchasers to micro-chip them and pay a $100 licensing fee.  

The two stories can be summarized this way:  Iguanas sold as pets are set loose then caught and sold as pets.  And so it goes…

When I was a boy my parents bought me two iguanas from Two Guys Department Store.  I named them Mr and Mrs. Cornelius K. Krinklebine and kept them in an aquarium in my bedroom.  Iguanas are referred to as “trash pets” in the reptile business.  They’re cheap and generally don’t do well in captivity.  Mr. and Mrs. K lived less than a year.  Adults require a hell of a lot more space than most people realize.  If you don’t live in Florida but want to see one chances are good your local humane society has a couple.