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Operation Spiderman

Saturday, December 4th, 2010

German arrested for smuggling tarantulas to the US in Operation Spiderman.  It reminded me of one of my spidey adventures with Brian and a cobalt blue….

Figgy Moonpowderosaurus?

Thursday, September 17th, 2009

Those of you who have followed my on-going, one-sided, and largely irrelevant feud with television news anchor Stephen Colbert know one thing Stephen Colbert doesn’t.  You also know that on December 14, 2008 I challenged Mr. Colbert to open 2009 the way God opened the bible, with a snake story.  He backed down.  This month, instead of marking his fall season return with a serpent, Stephen opened with yet another spider story.  Why does Stephen give so much time to spiders?  Because some arachnodufii named a trap door spider after him, and another one after David Bowie. 

Well, I’d like to make another stand for reptiles:  Stephen if you put me on your show, I’ll name a lizard after you. (My lizards are already named Lizzy and Balthazar so if you accept my challenge there may be a brief period of confusion.)

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Figgy Moonpowder
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