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Anson Wong Appeals

Wednesday, January 12th, 2011

Anson Wong to appeal his five year prison sentence to a three judge panel on January 24…

The Serpent King, Foreign Policy

Tuesday, December 28th, 2010

To close out 2010, Foreign Policy asked me for a piece on the Anson Wong case and its implications for international wildlife trade and crime policy.  After spending three years on him for National Geographic (The Kingpin, Jan. 2010) it was a welcome opportunity to reflect on the man, the story, and changes over the past year in Malaysia.  Here’s the Foreign Policy piece (The Serpent King), including some possibly surprising conclusions.  Even if my writing bores you check out these amazing photos…

In Malaysia, to close out 2010, the new Wildlife Conservation Act, which passed in August, has gone into effect, and the wildlife department (PERHILITAN) claims it now has more enforcement officers in the field (though it says that every time there is any mention of wildife trafficking in Malaysia, and never gives supporting figures.)

200 Years, 200 Species

Monday, December 27th, 2010

Here is a phenomenal video which may explain the future of megafauna wildlife species as well as it does human health and wealth:

Imagine if this chart could be retooled to measure changes in wildlife. With, say, wildlife species and human income as the two axes. Imagine the size of the bubbles reflects country wildlife populations and that you could break out major species, such as the tiger or the gorilla, from each country the way Rosling breaks Guangzhou out of China. Break the Buffalo or the Grizzly out of the US or Canada, for example, and you see what happens to megafauna as human wealth accelerates (or stagnates). Looking at the chart this way gives insight into the future…