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Anson Wong Gets 5 Years!

Thursday, November 4th, 2010

Anson Wong has been given an unprecedented five years in prison for smuggling boa constrictors on a Malaysian airline. Originally, Wong had been sentenced to six months. The appeals court judge apparently considered Wong’s crime a safety issue rather than an animal issue in delivering the harsh sentence, making this a rare case in which prejudice against reptiles goes in favor of the animals.   Wong is not Malaysia’s only major wildlife trafficker…

Anson on morning of original hearing

Anson (in jacket) on morning of original hearing

From The Star:

  Anson Wong slapped with five-year jail term

SHAH ALAM: Convicted wildlife smuggler Anson Wong has been slapped with a five-year jail term, after a High Court here allowed an appeal filed by the Attorney-General’s Chambers for a heavier sentence against him.

The court also ordered for a fine of RM190,000, imposed on Wong in a previous judgement by a Sessions Court judge, to be returned to him. (more…)

Seized Wildlife Trafficker Notebooks Give Unique Insight

Friday, October 29th, 2010

“Seized Notebooks give unique insight” at first when I read these words in the following press release from TRAFFIC-Malaysia I thought, Wow!  I’m about to read what the Malaysian government discovered from its recent seizure of Anson Wong’s laptop and cell phones. 

Or, I’m about to read the results of the Malaysian anti-corruption agency’s recent raid on wildlife department officer Misliah Mohd. Basir’s office (they seized a computer, too). 

Instead I read this fascinating window on the pangolin trade–all from a single syndicate’s notebooks.  The government of Sabah operates independently of mainland Malaysia’s government on many wildife issues.  That is why we can have such a good example of NGO-Government cooperation on the one hand and such poor progress on opening up Anson and Misliah’s files to public scrutiny, on the other.  Peninsular Malaysians should demand the same transparency as on Sabah. 

Seized notebooks give unique insight into scale of illicit pangolin trade
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, 28th October 2010—Stunning figures in traffickers’ logbooks indicate massive illegal capture and trade in endangered pangolins or scaly anteaters, finds a new TRAFFIC study.

A Preliminary Assessment of Pangolin Trade in Sabah analyses logbooks seized following a raid by Sabah Wildlife Department in 2009 on a syndicate’s pangolin trafficking premises in Kota Kinabalu, the capital city of the Malaysian State of Sabah in north Borneo.
The logbooks reveal that 22,200 pangolins were killed and 834.4 kg of pangolin scales were supplied to the syndicate between May 2007 and January 2009…

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Malaysia’s Wildlife Department to Undergo Major Overhaul

Wednesday, October 13th, 2010

Wildlife law enforcement in Malaysia is to be significantly revamped as a result of a major restructuring of duties and assignments in the country’s wildlife department, Perhilitan.  This is a major reform, and if followed through on, marks a year in which Malaysians have taken control of their national wildlife policies. 

‘Spies’ to help curb illegal wildlife trade

By P. ARUNA, The Star

13 October 2010
PUTRAJAYA: The Law and Enforcement Division of the Department of Wildlife and National Parks or PERHILITAN will establish an Intelligence Unit under its massive revamp which begins this month.

The Natural Resources and Environment Ministry (NRE) ann-ounced yesterday that the new unit would be formed to improve networking and intelligence gathering to curb illegal wildlife trade and crimes related to wildlife.

“In order to ensure that all loopholes are addressed effectively, all the Standard Operating Procedures related to law and enforcement activities under the department would be enhanced and strengthened,” said the ministry in a statement yesterday.

The revamping exercise will also see a swap of duties and scope of work between the two deputy director generals. (more…)